We’re hiring! Full time Junior IT Technician position now available

Edit: This position has been filled. Thank you for all the responses.

Amigo Technology (formerly Ninderry Computers) is a small, innovative IT service business seeking a junior technical support officer that can work with a friendly and experienced team of skilled IT personnel. We are situated in the relaxed hinterland suburb of Ninderry, away from the hustle and bustle of traditional retail IT. We have a focus on delivering high quality and practical IT solutions for individuals and small businesses whilst maintaining a personal touch with our client base.


This is a full time position in Ninderry, QLD, but flexible hours and periodic remote work will be available down the track if desired.

We are seeking a candidate who ideally possesses all, but at least most, of the following:

– A solid understanding and keen interest in a wide variety of modern computing technologies, both software and hardware

– Some form of training or certification in the Information Technology field

– Some form of experience working in a technical support position

– Strong interpersonal and communication skills within a team and client setting

– Excellent English skills, both written and verbal

– A high level of attention to detail and commitment to quality service (put the word “Pickles” in the additional notes section of your application)

– A current drivers licence (provisional or higher)

You must be able to work with the following systems and platforms. This includes the ability to consult and setup systems for individuals and small businesses who use these:

– Microsoft Windows 10

– Microsoft Office 365

– G-Suite / Google Drive

This position will have many opportunities for growth, both in technical and interpersonal skill sets. Proficiency in the following will attract salary increases, although this is not a requirement:

– Debian Linux (eg. Linux Mint 18 / Ubuntu 16.04 or higher)

– Proxmox 5.1 or higher (or other hypervisor / virtualisation platforms)

– FreePBX 13 or higher / Asterisk, IP Phones & SIP

– Small business and residential networking and storage systems, including configuring Wi-Fi, DHCP, QOS, VLANs, VPNs, SAMBA, ZFS/BTRFS etc

Your duties will include:

– Communicating with clients enquiries and technical support requests, either via phone, SMS, email, social media or in person (workshop or on-site)

– Creating and processing service tickets, part orders and RMAs

– Carrying out technical repairs on desktop, laptops and mobile devices either in our workshop or on-site

– Assistance with maintaining internal and client technical systems (eg. system updates, testing and optimisations, update of related technical documentation)

Applicants MUST submit their application via this form to be considered – all other application methods will be ignored!: http://tiny.cc/at-hiring-juniortech

We will only contact valid submissions. We look forward to hearing from you!