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Click here to see a range of our latest deals on our Pro Refurbished/Optimised Laptops and Ultrabooks!

Why buy refurbished?

  • Better value for money! Why pay full retail prices when you can get the same thing for less?
  • Our systems all come ready to go with our optimised editions of Windows 10 or Linux for the best user experience you can get. There’s no annoying nonsense here – we prepare our systems for ease of use and security with essential freeware internet, media and office software pre-installed. We even include our unique, up-to-date training materials at no extra cost to help you get the most from your PC.
  • Our systems feature a cutting edge Solid State Drive (SSD) which improves system performance up to 10x when compared to systems with a conventional hard drive. SSDs have no moving parts and are shockproof by design, meaning that your data is safer and power consumption is reduced.
  • We include a one-key recovery system to restore your device to how it came out of the box in the case of software problems, virus infection or resale.
  • We preconfigure a completely automated internal backup system, meaning you can worry less about losing precious data, software problems or virus infection.
  • Our computers undergo thorough hardware reliability testing before sale and are backed by our generous standard warranty and support for peace of mind.


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