Updated Google Camera for the Redmi Note 4

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Is the camera on your Redmi Note 4 crashing? You might be affected by a minor hardware revision which has been causing instability with the Google Camera app on some devices running LineageOS 14.1. Thankfully, the fix is quick and painless – all you need to do is install an updated Google Camera app.

To do this, do the following:

1. Uninstall the original Google Camera app by long-pressing on the Camera icon on your desktop (unlock if necessary) and then hit the “info” icon and then tap uninstall.

2. Download the new Google Camera app by clicking on this link here.

3. Wait for the app to download, then either tap on the icon in the notification menu, or open your “files” app and navigate to the “downloads”, and then tap on “MGCB_7.0H_C2API_Mid_v.3.8b_AllinOne_Full_Manual_XDA_Developers.apk”

4. Allow the app to install. It should put an icon somewhere on your home screen – feel free to move it to a more appropriate spot .

5. Open the app, tap on the menu button (top left) and go to settings.

6. Set “Panorama Resolution” to “High”

7. Set “Camera Config” to “Nexus6 Hdr+ Auto”

8. Close the app by tapping on the recent apps button and then swiping it away from recents. Open the app again and you should now be able to take high-quality photos and videos without continuous crashing.

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