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  • We’re hiring! Full time Junior IT Technician position now available

    Amigo Technology (formerly Ninderry Computers) is a small, innovative IT service business seeking a junior technical support officer that can work with an experienced team of skilled IT admin personnel with the goal of enriching the lives of our clients through all forms of technology. This is a full time position in Ninderry, QLD, but […]
  • Telecube NBN is no more

    You may have heard the news that Telecube, one of our recommended NBN providers in the past, has decided to wrap things up on the NBN side of their business. They will still continue to offer VOIP phone services, but only under the Siptalk brand (Their sister company that they purchased in 2016). If you […]
  • Ninderry Computers has Upgraded!

    Ninderry Computers is now Amigo Technology. Stephen here. After 8 years in business, it’s time for a bit of change. When I first started Ninderry Computers, I was fresh out of high school and just wanted to earn some money on the side by fixing computers whilst I was at university. In that time, I  […]
  • Chrome Bookmarks Missing after Windows 10 April 2018 Update?

    Have you noticed that your Chrome Bookmarks, settings and preferences are missing after the Windows 10 April 2018 update? You’re not alone. The latest Windows 10 update has a habit of causing user profiles in Google Chrome to reset if they were signed in with a Google account on some systems. Thankfully, the fix is […]
  • Troubleshooting Powerline Ethernet Connections

    Powerline Ethernet is a great technology that allows bridging of computer networks via power wiring infrastructure that already exists in a lot of dwellings. It is a cost effective solution for low-latency network performance in an environment where traditional network cabling is too expensive and Wi-Fi is too slow or impractical to implement. It works […]
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