PC Repairs & Upgrades

Is your computer giving you grief?

At Amigo Technology, we can provide all the technical assistance you need to get your computer back up and running to full speed. Here is a breakdown of what we do:

  • Desktop PC and laptop repairs 
  • Virus removal and software repairs
  • Performance tuning and system maintainance
  • Software upgrades, installation and backup solutions
  • Hardware upgrades and system testing

On-Site Assistance

Do you need service in your home or office?

Amigo Technology provides callout services across the entire Sunshine Coast, from Noosa to Caloundra. Our vehicle comes equipped with several spare parts and tools, so we can get the job done right on the spot. Whatever issue you have, wherever you are, we’re happy to help. Here are some of the things we can help you with:
  • On-site hardware diagnostics and computer repair
  • Networking and internet setup, diagnostics and repair
  • Computer system setup
  • Servers and networked backup systems
  • Audio, visual and multimedia setup
  • Printer repair and setup
  • Technology tutoring and assistance

Small Business Support

We have been working with many small businesses across the Sunshine Coast area. Being a small business ourself we understand that computer systems have to operating like clockwork in order for you and your employees to be most efficient. At the same time, you need a computer system which is affordable and scalable.

Here are some of the jobs we can help you with:

  • Setup of email and fax systems
  • Networks and remote support
  • Internet telephone services (VOIP)
  • Small business servers and backup systems
  • Networked printing and scanning solutions
  • Setup of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Integration of cloud based technology for business
  • Implementation of storage, document and accounting systems
  • Computer and network security
  • Staff training and support

Data Back-ups & Recovery

Data is the most valuable asset in your PC. Don’t be a victim!

It’s something we see far too often – a customer bring in a PC and says it won’t start up. We take a look, and we find out that their hard drive has completely failed, rendering every photo, document, program, contact and email completely unreadable. Telling our customers this bad news is NOT fun!

Prevention is better than the cure!

The best way to avoid data loss is to protect yourself through regular data backups. We can setup automated backup systems which backs up your PC and devices without you having to do a thing. We can assist you with this process and setup everything you need to backup your life and give you that peace of mind.

“I can’t read my data or I accidently deleted it, is it gone?”
 When data is deleted, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s permanently gone. When data is deleted, all that is really erased is the acknowledgement that data exists in a particular sector on a disk. In other words, your data is still there, but your computer doesn’t see it.

What this basically means is that it is possible to recover data after it has been deleted and wiped from the recycle bin, by analysing the disk using special software and techniques to see if the data can be recreated.

Amigo Technology offers services for data recovery to retrieve this valuable data for you, regardless of what type of media it might be.

Networks & Internet

Get connected, without the hassle.

Computer networks let us share and collaborate data between people all across the world. Unfortunately, this complex web of computers can give us grief. Ensuring that your home or business network runs smoothly is key to maximising functionality from your computers and devices and minimising frustrating downtime. We can:

  • Setup your new ADSL or 3G internet connection
  • Upgrade and configure your high-speed wired network
  • Install WiFi access points and routers for easy wireless access
  • Setup long-range WiFi connectivity systems
  • Setup networked devices such as printers, scanners, security cameras, IP phones, and more
  • Build custom NAS (networked attached storage) and server systems to allow you to access your data anywhere, anytime
  • Document and troubleshoot existing networks
  • and much more!