Standard Warranty Terms

Listed below are the current standard warranty terms, unless specified otherwise. Whilst we strive to ensure that our products and services are kept to a high quality and are passed through vigorous testing, failures do occur from time to time. You can rest assured that we promise that your purchase will be of acceptable quality and is free of undisclosed hidden defects, and that any problems you have with your purchase will be attended to promptly, as per the terms of Australian Consumer Law.

Our warranty periods are as follows:

Computer parts and accessories:

  • 1 year for new parts
  • 3 months on used or refurbished parts

Desktop & Laptop PCs:

  • 1 year on new desktop & laptop PCs
  • 1 year on refurbished business-grade desktop PCs 
  • 6 months on used or refurbished PCs valued at $200 or higher (60 days on batteries, if listed as working)
  • 3 months on used or refurbished PCs valued at $199 or lower (30 days on batteries, if listed as working)
  • Additional manufacturer warranties may exist – please ask us for details

Smartphones & Tablets:

  • 1 year on new devices
  • 3 months on used or refurbished devices

These warranties carry the following conditions:

1. Software and data is not covered by warranty. We are not responsible for your data in any way, shape or form and you are expected to make regular backups of your data and have fully-licenced software. Operating systems, system configurations and settings that are setup by us on ANY device (eg. computers, smartphones or network devices) are provided on an as-is basis and not covered by any warranty. Additional labour required to retrieve data or configure your systems or devices after hardware repair or replacement will be billable.

2. Our services are provided as-is. Whilst we always strive to provide the best level of service based our extensive expertise, experience and technical abilities, we cannot fix everything, or guarantee that the services will always resolve your issues permanently due to the number of factors that are beyond our control. Services rendered on jobs that we cannot fully resolve due to these uncontrollable factors will still be billable at our standard hourly rate. If you have issues with our services, contact us within 30 days and we would be more than happy to provide additional assistance. 

3. Any instance of misuse, incorrect operation or physical damage to any of our items will immediately invalidate any warranties given. This includes exposing our items to excessive heat, moisture or abnormal harsh conditions. Modification of any item by non-authorised personnel will also invalidate warranties.

4. Additional manufacturer warranties beyond our given warranties may apply. Refer to the specific materials for a given item on details on additional manufacturer warranties.

5. Items which no longer carry their original serial numbers or Item ID label may not be covered by warranty.

6. Unless otherwise stated, goods sold must be returned to base (RTB) for inspection, testing and repair. Whilst we will honor to repair or replace any defective goods covered by our warranty, warranty claims that are made with a requirement of being processed on-site may incur additional charges.

7. Warranty claims on goods which are tested to have no fault found will be billed at our standard flat-rate diagnostics fee.

8. We are not liable for any form of any losses incurred which are a result of defective goods.

9. In the case of disk failure under warranty, we are happy to restore a supplied disk image backup of a disk at no charge as a courtesy service, but in the instance where additional re-configuration or installation of software is required due to a lack of backups, these services will be billable.

10. We do not accept returns for items that allegedly cause physical or psychological harm to the user(s) of the device (eg. headaches, nausea). 

11. All sales are final. Whilst we do not typically accept returns for goods purchased if you have simply changed your mind, we can occasionally make exceptions to this rule. In the instance where can accept returns, it is worth noting that these will attract a 20% restocking fee. 

These terms are subject to change at any moment.

You can find out more about your rights as consumer by visiting the ACL website here.

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