Terms of Service:

The supply of goods and services by Amigo Technology carries the following terms and conditions:

  1. With the exception of valid warranty claims, all services are billed at our standard hourly rate in 15 minute blocks, or at a fixed rate fee, depending on the nature of the service. More information on our standard rates here. These rates are guidelines only, and are based on typical situations – please contact us if you require an estimate.
  2. All quotes on hardware items are valid for a period of 14 days and are subject to availability of stock. Additionally, all hardware purchases require payment prior to delivery.
  3. Estimates that include labour at our standard hourly rate are not binding and are merely an estimate. Whilst we strive to provide accurate estimates based on our extensive experience in the industry, these are not binding or enforceable in any way.
  4. Some services may be subject to minimum block quantities. These include:
    1. 4 block (30 minutes) minimum on callout services and on workshop hardware check-in
    2. 4 block (60 minutes) minimum on prepaid services
  5. Prepaid services carry an expiry date of 3 years from the date of invoice being paid.
  6. Prepaid services only cover standard workshop, remote or onsite labour. If travel fees are incurred from onsite labour, this will be billed separately. Prepaid services cannot be used for after-hours or emergency service.
  7. Surcharges may apply in the case of after hours or emergency services rendered by us.
  8. Payments for goods and services must be made by the invoice due date. Our standard terms are 7 days from the invoice date. If your organisation requires a unique payment terms schedule, please contact us to discuss these needs before engaging our services.
  9. Failure to pay an outstanding invoice by the due date will result in periodic reminders over the course of 28 days. At this point, the invoice will be considered late and your account with us will be frozen and no further services will be rendered, which also includes software subscriptions (if applicable).
  10. Under Australian Consumer Law, service providers have no obligation to store equipment that has been abandoned by a client for more than 6 months. After this point, your equipment will incur a weekly storage fee. Once pending storage fee charges exceed the street value of the equipment, it will be auctioned off in order to recover costs.

Limitation of Liability:

Whilst all care will be given when carrying out services, there are many variables that are outside of our control. As a result, work carried out by Amigo Technology is subject to the following conditions:
  1. Whilst we will always make our best efforts to provide a service that meets or exceeds expectations, we cannot guarantee that services performed will achieve a desired outcome. Often there are elements beyond our control which prevent a desired outcome, and services rendered will remain billable unless stated otherwise.
  2. Amigo Technology is not liable for any unintended damages to property, unexpected hardware failure, loss of data, loss of income or loss of time incurred as a result of carrying out duties, whether this be in our workshop, onsite, or during transit
  3. We are not responsible for the speed and stability of your internet connection. Issues or service interruptions caused by poor internet connectivity are the responsibility of your internet service provider (ISP)

Warranty Terms:

Whilst we strive to ensure that our products and services are kept to a high quality and are passed through rigorous testing, it is impossible to achieve a 0% failure rate. You can rest assured that we promise that your purchase will be of acceptable quality and is free of undisclosed hidden defects, and that any problems you have with your purchase will be attended to appropriately, as per the terms laid out under Australian Consumer Law.

 Our warranty carries the following conditions:

  1. Software and data is not covered by our warranty. We are not responsible for your data in any way and you are expected to make regular backups of your data and have fully licenced software. Please refer to the EULA or software agreement for any third party software or operating systems for more details.
  2. Operating systems, system configurations and settings that are setup by us on ANY device (eg. computers, smartphones or network devices) are provided on an as-is basis and not covered by any warranty. Additional labour required to retrieve data or configure your systems or devices after hardware repair or replacement will be billable.
  3. We are not liable for the cyber security of your devices. While we strive to make sure all devices are as secure as possible, nothing is infallible. The responsibility for cyber security lies with the end user.
  4. Our services are provided as-is. Whilst we always strive to provide the best possible service based on our extensive expertise, experience and technical abilities, it should be understood that it is not always possible to meet all client requests, and no guarantees are made unless mentioned otherwise. Services rendered on jobs that we cannot fully resolve due to these uncontrollable external factors will still be billable at our standard hourly rate. If you have concerns with our services, please contact us as soon as possible and we will be more than happy to review your concerns and provide solutions where possible.
  5. If you believe an item that you have purchased has a defect, you can request service by initiating a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA), which can be done by contacting us by phone on (07) 54084607 or emailing us at [email protected] 
  6. Any instance of misuse, incorrect operation or physical damage to any physical goods provided by Amigo Technology will immediately invalidate any warranties given. This includes exposing our items to excessive heat, moisture or abnormally harsh conditions. Modification of physical goods by non-authorised personnel may also invalidate warranties.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, goods sold must be returned to base (RTB) for inspection, testing and repair. Whilst we will honour our obligation to repair or replace any defective goods covered by our warranty, warranty claims that are made with a requirement of being processed on-site may incur additional charges.
  8. In the case of a valid mail-in Return Merchandise Authorisations (RMAs), the cost of shipping the item to our facilities for testing must be paid by the individual who is initiating the warranty claim. We are happy to cover the cost of return shipping, unless there is no fault found with the item, the RMA will be considered invalid, in which case the cost of return shipping must be paid by the individual initiating the RMA request. 
  9. RMA requests should be accompanied with valid proof of purchase. If you have lost your proof of purchase, please contact us as we may be able to provide assistance in locating proof of purchase in our systems.
  10. Additional manufacturer warranties beyond our given warranties may apply. For more information on this, please refer to the specifications of a given item on details on additional manufacturer warranties.
  11. Items which no longer carry their original serial numbers or Item ID label may not be covered by warranty.
  12. Warranty claims on goods which are tested to have no fault found will be billed at our standard flat-rate diagnostics fee.
  13. We are not liable for any form of any losses incurred which are a result of defective goods.
  14. In the case of storage device failure under warranty, we are happy to restore a supplied disk image backup of a disk (eg. Macrium Reflect or Veeam Image File) at no charge as a courtesy service, but in the instance where additional re-configuration or installation of software is required due to a lack of backups, these services will be billable.
  15. We do not accept returns for items that allegedly cause physical or psychological harm to the user(s) of the device (eg. headaches, nausea).
  16. All sales are final. Whilst we do not typically accept returns for goods purchased if you have simply changed your mind or they no longer suit your needs, we can occasionally make exceptions to this rule. In the instance where we can accept returns, it is worth noting that these will typically attract a 20% restocking fee.

Battery degradation and warranty on used laptops:

  1. Batteries – especially Lithium based batteries – go through a natural phenomenon where the capacity decreases gradually with use over time. All figures given for battery life and longevity are estimates only and as a result cannot be guaranteed.
  2. The battery life expectancy varies depending on how the laptop is configured and used, including but not limited to device model, applications installed, power management settings, and device features.
  3. Used batteries are warrantied for 50% of the total device warranty (eg. a device with a 12 month RTB warranty will have a 6 month RTB battery warranty) and will only be replaced under warranty in the event of total failure (won’t hold charge at all). In the case of new devices, they will be covered under the specific manufacturer’s warranty policies under Australian Consumer Law.


In engaging our services you are agreeing to the terms and conditions specified. Furthermore, you acknowledge the legal validity of this document in full.