We pride ourselves in being fully transparent with our rates and giving you the best service at the best price. We do this through a hybrid job rate, where we have fixed pricing for common jobs and a variable rate for everything else. We’ve detailed a breakdown of our rates for you below.


Fixed Rate Workshop Services – Hardware

For common hardware upgrade and service jobs, we have a set of fixed rates that we use to provide consistent, cost-effective service.
  • Phone or in-store quick evaluation – Free
  • Basic installation of system hardware (purchased from us) – Free
  • Complex installation of system hardware (eg. Ultraportable laptops and most All-in-One PCs that require a full teardown) – $60 
  • Basic installation and testing of system hardware (supplied) – $25
  • Basic hardware diagnostics and inspection – $25
  • Clean-out of dust and basic cooling systems maintenance – $25
  • Full screen replacements on Xiaomi Redmi series devices – $65 + parts
  • USB board replacements on Xiaomi Redmi series devices – $30 + parts

Fixed Rate Workshop Services – Software

  • Installation of optimised Windows 10 / MacOS (without personal data transfer) – $70
  • Installation of optimised Linux Mint (without personal data transfer) – $60
  • Installation of legacy or specialised operating system (eg. Windows XP / 7) on bare metal or within a virtual environment (without personal data transfer) – $120
  • Installation of stock ROM on supported Android device – $29
  • Backup and restore of personal data for operating system reinstallation, or transfer of data between systems (assuming no faults) – $50
  • Retrieval of data from supplied storage device (eg. HDD / SSD) onto supplied USB media (in good condition) – $25 per device
  • Clone of system disk to replacement disk (in good condition) – $30
  • Migration of mailbox between IMAP enabled email systems up to 10GB – $45
  • Migration of mailbox between traditional email client (eg. Outlook, Windows Live Mail etc) up to 10GB – $65
  • Surcharge for additional data mail migration (per 10GB) – $10
  • Migration of contact and calendar data from legacy email systems to Gmail / Outlook.com – $20

Standard Hourly Rate Services

In the complicated tech world that we live in, two jobs are rarely exactly the same. Below are a list of common jobs with typical labour required so you can get an idea on how much a particular job may cost you. Our standard labour rate is $25 per 15 minute block ($100/hr). 

  • Advanced / complex PC hardware diagnostics – 30 – 60 minutes
  • Internet or network setup or diagnostics – 30 – 90 minutes (depending on complexity of network)
  • Malware or Virus removal –  30 – 90 minutes (depending on severity and data importance)
  • Setup of data backup systems and training – 30 minutes per PC
  • Complex Data Recovery or File Recovery (eg. failing HDD with bad sectors, or accidentally deleted files)) – Typically between 30 minutes  to 1.5 hours (depending on disk condition)

Please note: These are only estimates and are not a guarantee. Turnaround time will always vary from labour rates, especially if testing or data migration is involved.

What else is there to know about our rates?

  • We have no fixed callout fees (excess travel fees may apply)
  • Hourly rates are calculated in 15 minute blocks
  • The minimum charge for workshop and remote support jobs is a single 15 minute block
  • The minimum charge for callouts is a 30 minute block
  • If we need to travel more than 10 minutes for your callout, there is a small excess travel fee, at $2 per minute (one way). So if you are 15 minutes away from us, there is a $10 travel fee
  • Fixed rate services do not apply to callouts or rush labour – only standard workshop jobs
  • Our after-hours and rush labour rates are $150hr and are billed in minimum 1hr blocks
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