Dealing with Telstra Customer Support – Best Practices

As the title of this guide may suggest, Telstra’s level of customer service has gradually declined over the years, leading to an increasingly frustrating situation when you need to get help. Many of our clients report having to be on hold for hours to get onto someone who can assist, only to be let down by being transferred between multiple departments without any sort of meaningful resolution.

In order to get the best results, try the following tips:

1. Be prepared before you make contact. You should have:

a. The ability to log into MyTelstra using your Telstra ID (usually a bigpond email address and password). You can check by visiting Alternatively, you can use the “MyTelstra” app for Android or iOS mobile devices.

b. Access to the person who is the account holder (if it is not you). You typically need to receive a verification SMS to a mobile phone for security purposes.You may also need to know their date of birth and billing address.

c. Ensure you have your Telstra customer number, and service number (eg. mobile number or landline). These are typically contained within your bills that you receive from Telstra.

2. Do not attempt to call them or walk into a store (most store personnel are only salespeople) – you will most likely have a frustrating experience. Instead, use the Telstra Chat feature on their website. You can do this via one of the two methods:

a. Open the MyTelstra mobile app, and then tap on “Help” and then tap on the blue message icon.

b. Go to the website on a computer and then go to the “Contact us” section in the footer of the page. Direct link:

3. Once you have a chat window open, you will be presented with “Telstra Assistant”, which is a mostly useless bot. Click on the chat box and type in “Hi, I”d like to speak to a human”.

4. From here, you will be presented with a few options in terms of the departments you can contact. Generally speaking, “Billing and Accounts” or “Fixing a fault” are the most common options to pick here.

5. Once a real human has been connected, you can now provide your details to the agent, and explain the technical issue. Please keep in mind that most of these agents are foreigners who are trying their best, so it’s recommended to use clear & simple English, with limited slang. Good luck!

More information - for Boost Mobile Migrations

Since the introduction of Boost Mobile’s great value plans on the Telstra Network, more and more people are wanting to get their devices switched over for substantial savings. Unfortunately, since Boost is owned by Telstra, it can sometimes be slightly frustrating to switch over, especially if you are already on Telstra Post-Paid.

To switch, you must do the following:

1. Get in touch with Telstra using their Chat service. Ask them to switch your postpaid service to prepaid. If they ask why, tell them that you are wanting to switch to Boost Mobile, and you do not want to recharge.

2. Once it is confirmed that your service is now Telstra Prepaid, call Boost on 1800 100 933 and ask them to perform the port of your service. It should happen relatively quickly – usually within an hour.

3. Once the service is active, you may want to recharge – which you can do via the Boost Mobile App, available here:

More information - for NBN Line Faults

If you have a line fault with your NBN service, see the details provided by one of our technicians to get the most straightforward response from the Telstra customer service team.

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