Managed IT Services

Make technology your friend with our range of managed services!

Say you have an office of 3, a few older but serviceable PCs, a simple network setup and a manual backup system.

The computers are a little slow and your backups are patchy at best, and you have no idea if your backups are working. You don’t really have a great system for sharing files, so employees are emailing documents or passing around a USB stick, and it’s hard to see which document is the latest. Any time something goes wrong, there’s downtime while you wait for your local IT shop to figure it out. Maybe you’ll lose a few day’s work, maybe you’ll lose the month. On top of all of that, all it takes is one security breach and all of your documents and files can be held at ransom for a price that will surely put you out of business.

There’s a lot of wasted time with inefficient systems, preventable downtime and a high risk of data loss. How much over the course of a financial year do you think these issues cost you? Some of our similarly sized clients were paying in excess of $10,000 per year in break/fix costs, and still have to deal with the inestimable cost of lost data, downtime and suboptimal systems.

Fortunately, it IS more than you have to pay.

Our managed service offerings aim to not just reduce the overall IT costs for your business, but to also increase productivity and reduce downtime. Our talented team will actively make your IT systems not just a “necessary cost of doing business”, but instead a powerful system that will help you increase revenue whilst reducing the stress of having to deal with ever-changing technology systems and security risks.

In this scenario, we would begin by:

  • Setting up monitoring tools to keep an eye on things and allow us to catch potential issues before they cause downtime or data loss.
  • Setting up a password management system to improve security and reduce time lost with forgotten or insecure passwords
  • Setting up a basic file-server (with on-premises or in the cloud) for network storage and backups
  • Upgrading existing PCs with SSDs and an optimised image of your chosen operating system for improved performance and reliability
  • Setting up an automatic and maintenance free backup system, to remove the fallible human element and minimise the risk of data loss
  • Optimising your network to ensure security and performance, then documenting the setup for ease of access and maintenance for authorised users
  • To top this off, we would offer generous discounts on our labour rates and the costs of additional services

With a focus on preventative measures and proactive support, our services can save you thousands of dollars a year in break-fix costs, not to mention the net gain in time with system improvements and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe and your network is secure.

For more information, call us on (07) 5408 4607 and our team will be more than happy to provide a no-obligation estimate for your business.