Technical IT Service Officer - Permanent Remote, Flexible Hours (ID)

Salary: Rp12.000.000 – 19.000.000 per month, depending on ability and experience

Skills: Customer Service (Tech Support), Writing (Technical Writing), Finance & Management (Inventory Management)




Amigo Technology is an IT service business and Managed Service Provider (MSP), located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia (GMT+10 time zone). We have been operating for over 10 years, with the goal of making computers and technology friendlier to our awesome local small business clients. We are seeking a technical IT support officer that can work with our friendly team of 6 technicians. 

We would prefer this position to be full time (typically 37.5hrs per week during business hours), but we are flexible with work hours and schedule if needed.

We are seeking a candidate who has:

– A keen interest in working with and growing their skill sets with a wide variety of modern computing technologies (both Windows and Linux – bonus points if you have a home lab!)

– A desire to help people with their technical challenges using a mix of creative & process-based problem solving

– The ability to explain complex technical concepts in friendly terms, either in a client or team environment

– A high level of attention to detail (put the word “AMIGO” in the “Additional Comments” section of our application form)

This position will have many opportunities for growth, and over time you will have access to internal mentoring, certificates and training programs to encourage you to work with a wider range of technologies and platforms. Prior experience with the following would be greatly appreciated and will lead to greater earnings, although this is not a requirement:


– At least two years of experience working in an IT service position, ideally in an MSP that works with Windows 10 / 11, Microsoft 365 OR Google Workspace environments

– Debian-based Linux (eg. Linux Mint 20 / Ubuntu 20.04 or newer)

– Apple MacOS 10.13+

– Proxmox 6+ (or other hypervisor / virtualisation platforms)

– Small business networking and storage systems (eg. pfSense, OpenWrt, OpenMediaVault), including configuring Wi-Fi, DHCP, QOS, VLANs, VPNs, SMB, RAID, etc

– FreePBX 13+ / Asterisk, IP Phones & SIP


Your duties will include the following:


– Processing technical support requests, sales enquiries and system alerts

– Providing remote technical support to clients, configuring and troubleshooting various systems

– Assistance with new and existing IT systems, including setting up, migrating, monitoring, documenting and securing client technical systems, such as workstations, servers and cloud-based systems.


Applicants MUST submit their application via this form to be considered – all other application methods will be IGNORED: 


Please also check and re-check the links to your resume to ensure they are correct. We will only contact valid submissions. We look forward to hearing from you!