Need a new PC? 

At $businessname, we don’t just want to sell you a computer. Every computer from us comes with the expert advice and quality support you deserve to make buying and owning a PC easier. Here’s a few reasons why you’ll love a PC from us.

1. Service, Service, Service.

We are all about making it things easy and saving you time. Buying a computer from us means you don’t have to worry – our PCs all come fully tested with our own customised software and user guide to make it easy for you. Plus, if you have any questions or issues, we are always on-call and here to support you. Perhaps you’re not sure what to get? Maybe you’re wondering if it would be cheaper to just fix an old PC? Worried about your data or getting setup with a new computer? Or perhaps you have some special requirements? We have got you covered for everything you might need with your computer.

2. We give you choice and customise to your needs.

We take each of our customers on a case-by-case basis, and listen to your requirements to make sure you get what’s right for you or your business.

Here is a situation we see quite frequently. Lets say a customer comes to us and is after a new computer for their small business. They’re thinking about getting a decent laptop for around $800 as they don’t have a lot of space. It’s going to live in the office to do bookwork and spreadsheets on. What would we do? We would suggest a small custom built-desktop PC with a big screen for around $600, that would be faster, more reliable and more practical to work on than any $800 laptop.  It’s also much cheaper to service and repair in the long term. The customer saves $200 and gets a better PC. It’s one way we can save you time and money.

Not sure what’s right for you? Check out our guide here on choosing a PC.

3. You get the best experience out of the box.

Manufacturers and retailers are notorious for packing new PCs full of useless and annoying bloatware and trial-ware to make an extra buck from software companies. 

Not at Ninderry Computers. Every computer system we sell or setup comes with our own customisations for the best user experience you can get. This means no bloatware. Just a functional, sleek, up-to-date operating system, all setup with media, office, internet and antivirus software ready to go. On top of that, we write you a customised user guide to get the best out of your PC. This means less setup, less fiddling, less money on software, less confusion, and more time actually using your computer, doing things you could never do before.

4. No more warranty woes.

It may have happened to you before. Something goes wrong with your PC, and you take it back to where you bought it from. They then pass it onto their supplier, who in turn passes it onto the manufacturer, and eventually after three or four weeks, you get your computer back, with none of your stuff on it.

This doesn’t happen at Ninderry Computers. In the event that something goes wrong, we’ll either fix it right on the spot, or if we don’t have a replacement part with us, we’ll loan you one of our PCs in the meantime at no extra charge until we get a replacement part. Our goal is to get you up and running with as little stress and time-wasting as possible.

5. Got an old PC? Trade it in, and get your data back!

Computers have been around for a while now, so chances are you’ve already got an old one hanging around. Don’t toss it out! At Ninderry Computers we can give you some money back for your old computer parts. We are happy to recycle whatever old PCs and parts you have lying around. On top of that, we can transfer your data from your old PC to any new or refurbished computer you buy from us, free of charge.

6. Our custom built PCs mean business.

If you need a high quality PC for your home or business, there is no going past our custom build desktop computers. We can tailor to each situation – whether you need an affordable home or office PC, high end gaming PC, or a feature-packed home theatre PC, we can do it all. 

With each of our custom built desktop PCs, we always keep the long-term reliability and servicibility in mind, well beyond the warranty expiry date. Unlike many laptops and all-in-one PCs which are commonly found in department stores, each of our PCs uses standardised hardware to ensure that if anything ever goes wrong, a replacement part is easily obtained at a low cost, no matter who you take it to. 

One common fault which can happen on any sort of computer is a motherboard failure. This fault is more common on older PCs, but it can be known to occur on computers at any stage of their lifetime. Whilst a motherboard failure in one of our PCs typically costs between $100 – $200 to repair, a motherboard failure on an all-in-one PC once it is out of warranty can cost well over $400, which sometimes means that the entire computer is thrown out. Also, just because the parts we use are cheaper doesn’t mean the quality is any lower – we just stick to standardised, mass produced parts to ensure that your investment lasts and costs you less.

7. Get the value you deserve.

We are proud to offer the best prices on new and refurbished desktops and laptops:

  • Refurbished desktop PCs from $50
  • Refurbished laptops from $120
  • New desktop PCs from $330
  • New laptops from $450
We can also give you competitive prices on fully customised systems for your needs. Contact us for more information.